There are resources available for survivors, caregivers and children of all ages at no costs. We are currently our of stock, but please come back to select the components to make up a kit that is right for you.


This four-week healthcare provider education series will address concerns of young women facing breast cancer.  Topics include policy,  family communication, health literacy, survivorship care plans, and fertility preservation.


A certified Child Life Specialist can guide you through how to talk to your kids about breast cancer.  They can also include testimonials from families facing breast cancer.

The Best Reconstructive Centers in Arizona

Choosing surgeons to perform your DIEP, TRAM, PAP, or Implant flap reconstruction can be a bit of a task. Many surgeons in Arizona are not able to perform the all the reconstruct surgeries that they claim on their website. Know the facts.

We're here to help you make the best informed decision for your health and safety.

How to choose your breast reconstruction surgeon in Arizona :

  1. Make sure your actual surgeon performs the procedure.
  2. Make sure they do not hire in from another state.
  3. Make sure you feel comfortable with them
  4. Ask them where they trained in microsurgery and which procedures they are certified to perform themselves.
  5. Make sure they perform muscle sparing flap surgeries
  6. Make sure both surgeons are local, for safety
  7. Make sure 2 certified reconstructive microsurgeons perform on you and not one, for less procedural time, safety, and faster recovery

Many surgeons are jumping on the bandwagon to perform flap reconstruction surgeries, but are not certified to do so. A lot of them fly plastic surgeons in from out of town who specialize in DIEP flap breast reconstructions and other autologous flaps, but the surgeon leaves the next day. This is not right, and it's not safe for the you, the patient, if complications arise when the only certified microsurgeon has already left town. This could be the difference between a 2 stage procedure and a multi-stage recon procedure.


If you're in the process of finding the top breast reconstruction surgeons in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the Arizona Area, this can be a task searching the internet for these surgeons, because many of them are hiring in from out of state, and they make it hard to tell on their websites. We've heard of some getting the patient into a consultation simply to tell the patient that they are not a candidate for the patient's desired procedure, simply because the surgeons skill and certifications are not up to the standard for muscle sparing autologous tissue flaps. Patients will trust the surgeon and end up getting subpar treatment instead of the latest strides in microsurgery that yield the optimal results for breast cancer survivors.

We will soon provide a list of all the questions to e-mail your prospective surgeons so you can make the best decision and decide who is the best reconstruction surgeon in the Arizona area.