As a young woman, you might think of cancer as an older woman's worry. When you're young, you feel energetic and resilient and its true: our moms and aunts do face a higher risk. But, we all need to know about cancer, especially breast and ovarian cancer. While rare, these cancers can and do affect young women. Inform yourself, take control of your health, and take steps to keep yourself healthy.WEBSITE


The goal of this website is to provide pertinent information on good breast health that will enhance the quality of life of all women using this website. They intend to provide you with fresh, current, and comprehensive information that will be useful to your breast health.WEBSITE


Many changes will occur in your breasts during your lifetime. Yet, many women do not know much about their breasts unless they breastfeed or they have a problem. Learning about breast structure (anatomy) and how the breasts function can help you understand which changes are normal and which are not. This is a good first step to find out about breast cancer and benign (not cancer) breast conditions. WEBSITE